Friday, October 31, 2008


Yesterday we had Halloween party!!! I think that was great! Everybody took part in it! All children were happy and as Andrew said that's the most exciting day!
Ann, Counselor group №1


Gerel said...

Hello! Access School! It is the best school! Last holiday was Halloween! It was funny and scary!
Gerel, group №1

0ksana said...

Last month we had Halloween day!!!!!!!!!!! It was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody took part in it. Our make up was very scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!=))))also we perfemed and sing song Lemon Tree. Of course, we made a lot of photo!!!!!!!!photo are excellent!!!!!!!!
This month we will have Thanksgiving Day!!!!!! I hope, it will be better!!!!!!!!!!=)
Oksana B. Group 1.

Sasha said...

We had Halloween in October!)I think it was the best day! And our group2 had the funniest play! Everybody had a lot of fun (I hope)!!! I liked it very much!)))))
Sasha. Group 2

Delya said...

i think it was the jolliest day in Access School. we had a lot of fun))))))))
group #2

Delya said...

it was the jolliest day in Access school. i guess that we had a lot of fun. all taems were terrific!!!!)))))
Delya group #2))))