Sunday, March 27, 2011


Now I'll say something about "main" lesson,Touchstone...that is good one,we learn how we must speak,write and read English.We should know grammar,if we don't want in order of people don't understand us...
On this lesson we get useful info,for example,recently we have learnt "direction"...due to this one we can explain how to get to some places.
Speak rightly...
Good bye!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

last lessons

Hello,there will be last lessons tomorrow in this term...but I don't know there will or not be Team time in Saturday.I congratulate all with end of this one and ,of course,I want all students of Access to get best marks... and I want teachers to be of us on vacation))))
Meet in the next term...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

End of Term 3

The three groups summarized their activities , filling in the 'self-assessment' table. The printed page is a part of the schoolchild's portfolio.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Blog To Revive Memory

I've created a new blog devoted to the first Summer Camp

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chat with Robot

The new groups are chatting with Egon, the Dragon Robot.


There was "Oscar" yesterday,and I think we all watch it.This ceremony was attractive...their speech,their jokes and etc. discharged that stressful "atmosphere",'cos all nominees was agitated to get the oscar or not.The show was about 4:15 am (I don't remember very well) on Monday & the repitition was in the same day,just in 10:30 p.m
If you didn't watch Oscar,you may see,who became the winners in all categories:
Best Picture:The King's Speech
Actor in a Leading Role:Colin Firth
Actor in a Supporting Role:Christian Bale
Actress in a Leading Role:Natalie Portman
Actress in a Supporting Role:Melissa Leo
Animated Feature Film:Toy Story 3
Art Direction:Alice in Wonderland
Costume Design:Alice in Wonderland
Directing:The King's Speech
Documentary Feature:Inside job
Documentary Short Subject:Strangers no more
Film Editing:The Social network
Foreign Language Film:In a Better world
Makeup:The wolfman
Music (Original Score):The Social network
Music (Original Song):Toy Story 3
Short Film (Animated):The Lost Thing
Short Film (Live Action):God of Love
Sound Editing:Inception
Sound Mixing:Inception
Visual Effects:Inception
Writing (Adapted Screenplay):The Social network
Writing (Original Screenplay):The King's Speech

The all info about Oscar,you can see on